Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthodontics is the dentistry branch that deals with the proper functioning of the stomagnathic system (chewing, phoning, closure) and the aesthetic performance of the smile.
Damaged teeth can be restored by simple direct tasks such as amalgam and composite resin impregnations or composite resin faces as well as indirect restorations such as porcelain crowns, embedments and faces. Missing teeth can be supplemented, as the case may be, with moving or moving work as well as partial or total dentures.
In special cases, conjunctival problems or problems of the temporomandibular joint with splint splints can be addressed or even special reconstructions can be made in case of bone deficits.

Photos of incidents.

Restoration of four upper sections with metallic crowns
Restoration lower sector with Maryland bridge type
Reconstruction of an upper side area with a Maryland bridge
Restoration of worn dentition with all-ceramic hoops and sides of lithium
Restoration with all-ceramic holes and bridge
Upper and lower jaw repair with dental implants and movable work
Upper and lower jaw repair with dental implants and stationary work
central dentist rehabilitation with dental implant and all-ceramic implant